Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

triple A

As you know, my name is Angel, started with A. I have 2 closest friends which also started their name with A. Hey, is it a coincidental? I don’t think so. I called it my fate, and also their fate. How we met on high school and became close and closer like this. So, meet them guys, Agina and Anna. Here we are, triple A.

at Rumah Mode's fitting room

It was our first trip together. I was about celebrating my brother’s graduation in Jakarta a year ago, so me and Anna (she’s studying in Jakarta) decided to visit Agina (she’s studying in Bandung) and had so fun. And we did LOTS of FUNNN :) Yeah, except the part that Agina has to be hospitalized on our last day. Poor Agina at that time. But, besides it, we did fun. Real fun. I skipped my class, so did Anna and feel freely to have Bandung’s sensation. So, it’s shopping timeee :)

in front of Rumah Mode

goofy hats or goofy us? hehe

at PVJ

We called it a guilty pleasure. But, we couldn’t change it. It’s in our blood, right, Agina and Anna? We love shopping, but we shopped different things. While Agina love to shop sport thingies, Basketball especially, me and Anna love to shop dress and others girly thingies. Anna likes soft colors more, Agina the simple ones, while me? Emmm, i covered all style hehehehe..

I miss them a lot now. It’s 2 weeks before Christmas. Actually we supposed to meet this month, maybe i could visit them for Christmas, but unfortunately Anna and Agina wont be at Manado this Christmas. But, no need to worry, i still could meet them next year. I don’t know with Agina, but Anna will be on Manado. Can’t wait for that meetinggg :)

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