Senin, 07 Desember 2009

my family, my life

Hmm, i kinda confuse what to write about my family here. Ask me question about them, i'll answer you all things i know about them. But, when i come up to list down things about them here, thousand papers won't enough. I am 20 years old now, so lets calculate it, 20 x 365 = ..., i have that much paper to write hahaha.. But, to make it short, i'll take you a peek about my family.

Dad : I call him daddy, seriously hehehe.. A big daddy for me. He's caring, trully, i can ask him to buy me anything i want.
Mom : Yeah, i call her, Mam (with A, not O) hehehe.. My mom is my best friend! We had same taste, the way she cooks is really cool. I wish i could as great as her if i become a wife and mom for my kiddos.
Brother : my brother moved to Jakarta in 2004 due to his college in Binus, but he still comes often in Manado for special occasion especially in Chinese New Year.
and Me : the only girl in this family hehehe.. Of course, because my mom and dad only have 2 children, boy and girl :)

We are a small happy family ^^

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